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Climate Washington - District of Columbia

°C | °F
Average high in :424453647583
Average low in :272835445463
Av. precipitation in :3.032.483.
Days with precipitation:1181210129
Hours of sunshine:7697135182221214
Average high in :878478675545
Average low in :686659483829
Av. precipitation in :4.134.883.823.072.832.8
Days with precipitation:10108889
Hours of sunshine:2261861701238766

Climate data for Washington, DC - 22202 - 1961-1990 normals - weather

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Washington weather averages

Annual high temperature:64.8°F
Annual low temperature:46.6°F
Average temperature:55.7°F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall:40.78 inch
Days per year with precipitation - rainfall:115 days
Annual hours of sunshine:1783 hours
Av. annual snowfall:-

Washington Climate Graph - District of Columbia Climate Chart

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Geo Washington - District of Columbia

Country:United States
State:District of Columbia
Zip code22202
Altitude - Elevation:
13 feet

Date and Time Washington - District of Columbia

Local Time:15:56
Day / Night:Day
Timezone:EST - Eastern Standard Time
Timezone DBAmerica/New_York

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Map of Washington - District of Columbia